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Wael Abdelgawad is an Egyptian-American web developer and writer who was born and raised in California, USA. He has lived in Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Panama. He is the founder of IslamicSunrays.com and several other specialized websites, including Zawaj.com, IslamicAnswers.com, and several financial blogs.

Wael’s parents were highly respected scientists who taught him the importance of scholarship. All through his childhood he read voraciously. When not reading, he played table tennis and chess, practiced martial arts, and memorized Quran. He attended California State University at Fresno, and later studied web design and webmastering with the Software Training Group in San Francisco.

One of Wael’s lifelong passions is martial arts. He is an instructor with four black belts, and a perennial student. He also enjoys marble fudge ice cream, science fiction novels, good Islamic books, windup toys and lifting weights.

Wael is divorced and lives in Fresno, California. He has a beautiful young daughter, ma-sha’Allah. Her name is Salma and she was born in July 2006. She is his joy and pride.

Wael’s mission is to please Allah, better himself every day, and change the world.

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  1. Nissa says:

    Subhanalloh..brother wael, you have inspired me. Thanks. My name is nissa and come from indonesia. I have read your articel about islam and Alloh you have written. May Alloh bless you …

  2. Naheed says:

    Salamailukum brother,

    I am a later comer to your website ; however to see a brother write with compassion love and mercy for humanity with utmost conviction and love for Our Creator is inspiring. I am a keen follower of sister Yasmin Mogahed and it’s almost sounds sexiest to say to find a brother to rival that is subhan’Allah eye catching and eye reading !

    The heart has to have loved and be broken and to have cried to sometimes fully comprehend Our Creator. He is the knower of the Unseen and the mortal heart continues on the journey to seek Him. May you be blessed for writing such great articles and sharing it with us. May Allah(swt) reward you brother for all your efforts. Ameen.

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