Ask Allah, He WILL Help You

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By Wael Abdelgawad |

If you ask Allah for guidance sincerely, believing in Him and trusting in Him, he WILL guide you. If you approach Him with humility and faith and ask Him for help, He WILL help you. “And your Lord says: “Call on Me; I will answer you.” (Quran 40:60). I personally have experienced this in my life again and again. Allah is real and miracles do happen.

I remember one time when I was deeply confused about something that mattered very much to me. I prayed to Allah late at night, and began crying. After my prayer, I laid down right there on the musalla (prayer rug), and fell asleep, and BAM, here comes one of the most powerful dreams I have ever had, with a very clear answer to my problem. Then the next night I’m outside and feeling some doubts again, and all of a sudden I see a tremendous meteor go flaming across the sky right in front of me. I was amazed and I laughed out loud because Allah could not have made it any clearer.

I’m not promising you a dream and a meteor (smile). But Allah’s promise is true. He WILL answer you, maybe in ways that you see clearly, or in ways that you don’t. The answer might be to protect you from harm, or to give you something better than what you requested. Or the answer might only be a feeling of faith and tranquility in your heart that allows you to move forward confidently. He WILL help you.

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Article by Wael

Wael Abdelgawad is an Egyptian-American living in Fresno, California. He is the founder of several Islamic websites, including and, and also of various technology and travel websites. He is a writer and poet, and has been a web developer since 1997. This project,, is very dear to his heart, as it has allowed him to express ideas that have growing inside him for many years. Wael is divorced and has one lovely young daughter. He practices and teaches martial arts (somewhat obsessively), and loves Islamic books, science fiction, and vanilla fudge ice cream. Wael is an advocate for human rights and blogs about these issues at He is also a volunteer with the MyDeen Muslim youth organization in Fresno. Wael tagged this post with: , , , , , , Read 266 articles by
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  1. María M says:

    As salamu alaykum, Wael,

    Insha´Allah and Alhamdulillah.

    Thank you.


  2. Nasreen says:

    As Salam Alykum,

    I agree to every word you said. I too have experienced Allah Subhana wa taala’s reponse when we ask of him and only Him. He does answers our prayers Alhamdulillah all we have to do is just ask with sincerity.

    Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Everytime I feel my prayer is answered my heart invouluntarily calls out to Him Thank you My dearest Lord for listening and responding to me.

  3. wafa says:

    Lah elaha ela lah… mohamad rasula lah.
    I have experienced some miracles when i have come a place of sincerety in my prayer, zikr and dua to allah.
    this time i need everyone to be praying for me as i will be sincerely praying to give me patience for the latest news that i have a malignant tumour. thank you and salam

    • Wael says:

      wafa, I am so sorry to hear about this. May Allah give you healing and help.

      • wafa says:

        inshallah, it will be ok.. may we all have the strength and the patience to deal with all that comes our way. alhamdolilah. thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

    • friend says:

      dear wafa ,

      may allah grant you health and strength to deal with it. inshallah. i have prayed for you.

    • Tameem says:

      I live in europe and was married to a Mushriq who pretended to be a muslim, and had 3 daughters with her, according to the europian (CH ) laws No man can ever get custudy of the children. after 3 years of patience and contunuous Praying ( puting my head down in sujood in the midle of the night and asking the allmighty for my rights )
      when I was invited to the courts, I really felt Allmighty Allah had sent angels to help me. and I got the custody of the children!!
      so Wafa please do the same and He will never Never let his Abd down

  4. abuAhmad says:

    And He gave you of all that you asked for, and if you count the Blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them. Verily, man is indeed an extreme wrong-doer, a disbeliever (Surah Ibrahim #14 v34)

  5. Javed Siddique says:

    Wafa may ALLAH give u all happiness and health….and I will pray for u..may ALLAH for give us all and have mercy on all of us Muslims..

  6. ruby says:


    I too was diagnosed with a very rare malignant tumour 3 months ago, I have time and time again visited this site for inspiration and encouragement. Wafaa remember Allah tests those he loves and will not burden with more than we can handle. I pray the Almighty grants you full health and recovery in the easiest and quickest way inshaAllah. Please keep me in your humble duaas too. JazakaAllah.

  7. rufb says:

    Pls make my duas come true ameen ameen ameen forgive me for mysond

  8. Amarah A says:

    Thank you wafa for sharing your personal experience, i every much enjoyed reading this in sh allah i will do the same i had little knowledge how to get help from Allah, although i don’t have much faith with me but i know one day Allah will give out to people who need it like me too.

    Thank You

    Ps: keep it up :))))))

  9. maria says:

    Good afternoon brothers and sister,

    Im a Filipina and working in brunei from 2006 to 2015.

    Il email this,because i am asking for a help to please include me to your prayers.
    Iam now in philippines and no work, I really love to come back in brunei and started to work.

    Brunei is one of the best country ive love most. When it comes to prayers, very solemn and you feel in your heart heartedly. the people in brunei,my muslim friend is very friendly and humble and willing to help you anytime.everytime ive heard the prayer time, il stop for my work and i silently pray and thanks for every blessings that we received.

    Il always pray that il coming back to brunei, i hope that the company that il applied now in brunei help me for my application. Im the only one who support to my mother died last 2014,ovary cancer. and i need to support my family for thier needs.

    thank you for reading this.

    Bless us all.


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