Blessing the child of a Christian couple

Cute baby with blue eyes

They asked for their baby to be blessed.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah, an Imam at the Jama Masjid in Las Vegas, Nevada tells the following story:

In these time, where Muslims are under microscopic scrutiny and where all sorts of accusations are being hurled at Islam and Muslims and where some Muslims through their actions are driving even Muslims away from Islam, a young couple, Andrew and Ericka walked in the Jama Masjid with their newly born baby.

They are Christians and they live some 25 miles west of the Masjid and asked for the Islamic blessings for their child. It was the first for me when a non-Muslim couple was asking for the Islamic invocation for a child born in a Christian family.

Many Muslim friends might object to what I did. I said Azan in his right ear and Aqama in the left year and recited Sura Fatiha, asking God to protect this child from all evils, and praying for his parents. They want him to grow with love towards all and malice to none.

I was frozen and my whole body was shaking when I was reciting the Quran. Am I wrong if I assumed that God, the creator of all has really blessed them with an innocent heart and a pure mind? I reminded myself of the verse of the Quran ” Your Lord has decreed upon himself nothing but mercy.”

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Article by Wael

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  1. Zeinab says:

    Salam Brother,

    Your article is beautiful and it shows us that in the inside of every human there is the same iman which is ”submission to Allah(SWT)”, only the family we belong to makes us become muslim, christian, unbeliever…but in the deepest of our heart we all remain connected to Allah(SW), and when we need help, sincere help we know the path to Him.

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