Islamic Meditation for Relaxation and Spiritual Comfort

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Islamic Meditation

by Wael Abdelgawad for

This is a meditation that a Muslim can use to relax and recover from stress. It is not a substitute for prayer and duaa, or a replacement for dhikr (remembrance of Allah). Salat in particular is the first duty and refuge of the Muslim. This is just a simple relaxation technique that one might use either alone or share with a spouse, to relax the body and release some of the worries of the day. It also functions as an affirmation, reminding the reader of the love and peace that Allah offers us, and of each person’s pure nature.

Settle yourself in a quiet place, in a comfortable position. Imagine yourself to be in the most relaxing, secure, peaceful place you have ever known. Breathe deeply in and out, breathing into your stomach. Recite the following to yourself, with a quiet voice, very slowly, but imagine it is being spoken to you by a voice outside yourself, by a voice of love. If you do this with your spouse, let one read and the other close his/her eyes and listen:


Your breath is warm and soothing. As it spreads through your body it makes you warm. It brings peace and tranquility to every cell in your body.

Let every cell in your body know and feel that you are loved. Allah loves you. Many people love you. You are surrounded by love and caring. The love is all around you like warm light, comforting you, taking away all your pain.

The air that you are breathing in is warm and soothing. That warmth is spreading all through your body. As it spreads through your body, it causes your muscles to relax.

Now the warmth spreads to your head. Relax the top of your head. Relax your mind. There is nothing to think about right now, nothing to worry about. Release the burdens that you carry in your mind.

As you breathe deeply, the warmth spreads to your face. Let your face relax. Relax your eyes. Whatever your eyes have seen that is unhappy or that causes you pain, let it go. Release it with your breath.

Relax your cheeks and your mouth. Whatever you have spoken that you regret, let it go, release it with your breath. It’s in the past and is gone now with your breath.

Relax your ears. There is nothing for you to listen to right now except the peacefulness of your own breath. Whatever you have heard that has hurt you, at any time in your life, let it go now. You don’t need it anymore. Release it with your breath.

Relax your jaw. Any tension that you are holding in your jaw, let it go, release it. Feel the warmth spread through your mind, your face, your neck. Relax your neck.

Know that you are safe. You are protected. You are in a place of shelter. You are in Allah’s care. You are in a safe place, a good place. You have nothing to fear, nothing to regret. The past is gone, and the future has not arrived. All that exists is this peaceful moment, this safe place where you are protected and warm.

Continue to breathe deeply and softly. Your breath warms you. The warmth spreads now into your shoulders and relaxes your shoulders. Whatever burden you have been carrying on your shoulders, let it go. Give to Allah, and He will hold it for you until you are ready to take it back. For now, let it go with your breath. Relax your shoulders.

Let go of your fear and your worry. You are following Allah’s guidance and that is peaceful. You are at harmony with the entire universe and that is peaceful.

Breathe deeply and softly. The breath spreads now into your back and warms your back. Relax your shoulder blades, and the middle of your back. Relax your lower back. As you breathe out, release the burdens that you have borne on your back. All the troubles, all the weight on your back, release them with your breath, and let them disappear. You don’t need them anymore.

Allah is on your side and He will always be with you. You have the strength of Imaan. Know that whatever challenges you face in life, you are strong and capable.

As you breathe, warmth continues to spread through your body, now moving into your chest and your stomach. Relax your chest. Whatever fears you have for the future, let them go. Release them with your breath. Trust in Allah; He is with you right now, at this moment, and He will protect you. Relax your stomach. Whatever tightness you have in your stomach, whatever tension you carry there, release it, let it go with your breath.

Know that Allah created you pure, with the purity of fitrah. That purity is always inside you, like a light. Allow yourself to feel it, to be in touch with it; let that purity come out, and with it comes peace.

Your breath is warm and soothing. As it spreads through your body it makes you warm. It brings peace and tranquility to your mind, to your soul, and to your heart. Feel it now spreading into your arms. Relax your upper arms, and your forearms. Relax your hands and your fingers. Relax your thumbs. Your hands work hard for you every day, but right now let them relax. Whatever burdens you carry in your hands, release them. Whatever private pain or shame your hands have witnessed, release it. You don’t need it anymore. Let it escape with your breath, let it go.

Know that Allah created you beautiful with the best of forms as He said in the Quran. That beauty is inside you. Let yourself feel it and believe it.

Breathe deeply now and let it flow into your legs. Relax your thighs. Relax your knees. Relax your calves. Relax your feet. Relax your toes. Your legs work hard for you every day, they have earned a rest. Relax your legs and let the tension flow out of them; release the tension with your breath.

Now all of your body is relaxed and warm. Every cell in your body, every part of you inside and out is soothed and peaceful. All of your body is pure and light and warm.

Allah is with you now, and He is As-Salam, the giver of peace. Allah created you in peace. Inside you, at your center, is peace. That peace is your birthright. Your breath is peace. Your center is peace. Your soul is at peace, your mind is at peace, your heart is at peace, your blood is at peace, your breath is at peace, your eyes are at peace, your hearing is at peace, your tongue is at peace, your hands are at peace, your feet are at peace, every part of you is at peace with Allah. Every part of you is at peace with yourself. Every part of you is at peace. Every part of you is peaceful.

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Article by Wael

Wael Abdelgawad is an Egyptian-American living in Fresno, California. He is the founder of several Islamic websites, including and, and also of various technology and travel websites. He is a writer and poet, and has been a web developer since 1997. This project,, is very dear to his heart, as it has allowed him to express ideas that have growing inside him for many years. Wael is divorced and has one lovely young daughter. He practices and teaches martial arts (somewhat obsessively), and loves Islamic books, science fiction, and vanilla fudge ice cream. Wael is an advocate for human rights and blogs about these issues at He is also a volunteer with the MyDeen Muslim youth organization in Fresno. Wael tagged this post with: , , , Read 266 articles by
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  1. wael says:

    If anyone feels like this meditation will help them, then please don’t just read it and move on. Sit down, imagine yourself in a comfortable place, and read the meditation slowly, breathing deeply. If you do, I’d like to hear about it afterwards. Tell me how it made you feel.

    • María M says:

      You first, …. and a good thing to do is to record all the meditation, and listening to it and yes sitting down, in other way, it will be easy to fall sleep.

      • wael says:

        That’s an excellent idea, Maria. I use the meditation all the time – after all, I wrote it. It makes me very relaxed and peaceful inside.

        • María M says:

          Don´t you see it outside, too?

          Wael, have you thought any time about writing something with the names of Allah(swt), something like a song for children, or a poem that could be learnt easily,….? Just thinking,…

    • shahidah says:

      just scanning the instructions has made me feel sooooooooo peaceful at a very difficult time. v v effective.

  2. Khairunnisa says:

    Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

    I just found out this website, and I found it very good and inspiring..

    Mmmm. about the feelings that you’ve mentioned in this article, the peace and the warmth; these are exactly the feelings that I feel after I’ve done some dzikr to remember Allah after I’ve done Salat.

    Sometimes in a day, there are a time that I feel so upset, confused, and sad because of all the problems that I have. And when I feel that I’m in a top of my confusion, I found that there are nowhere else to escape. I take ‘wudhu’ and I do Salat. After I’ve done my Salat, I continue to dzikr, I call Allah’s names.. I call Asmaul Husna; I call ‘Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, La Ilaha Ilallah, Allahuakbar’ so many times; I call ‘La hawla wa la quwwata ila billahil alliyil adzim’ many times; I ask for His forgiveness by istighfar; I pray to Him; I talk to Him about my problems and my confusion; I ask for His guidance; and I continue to call His names and praise Him.. and suddenly.. I’m not thinking about my problems again, I can feel as if all my burdens was taken away from me, and I don’t feel anything except the feel of peacefulness and warmth. I feel so happy. And I feel all the feelings that you’ve mentioned on this article..

    I want to say that, by simply remembering Him by dzikr, spell and call His name, we can feel the peacefulness and the warmth, and we can suddenly feel happy.
    The peaceful and the warmth spread through my whole body, till every cell in my body. Mmm. I’m not pile it on, but, I can firmly say that that is THE BEST FEELING that I’ve ever felt in my life. This is the feeling of the pure and the true happiness; the happiness that I couldn’t get and will never get anywhere else.

    Everyday I always pray to God to not ever take this grace from me. I just can’t imagine if I can’t feel those kind of feelings anymore. I really afraid if all the sins that I’ve done make me lose this grace. May Allah forgive all my sins, and all our sins.. Amen…

    • Muslimah says:

      MashaALLAH. It sounds Sooo serene… I want to feel this feeling that u are can I get into it? My imaan is weak. Any tips. Any help appretiated. In-shaa’Allah. I wanna live like a real muslimah and not a hipocrit. In-shaa’Allah. I long to feel this feeling. How and where can I start. Thank you.. may Allah never take this feeling away from you..

      And to wael. MashaALLAH all ur posts are truely inspirational. I’m soooooooooo greatful that I discovered ur website today. Sooo peaceful to read Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless u in all that u do in-shaa’Allah. Salaams.

      • Mateen says:

        Islam is about submission. So what do you do to get closer to your Creator? You submit your whole self to him, all your desires, wishes, fears should be gone when you are asking him for forgiveness.

        Become God-Conscious, meaning become aware that you are being watched at all times by your Master.

        Above all, when you go down in sajdah during your salah, keep your eyes opened while saying Subhana-rabi… and imagine that you are bowing down before Allah, before His throne in His Kingdom, at this moment you should keep reminding yourself that it is an “oh my god this is actually happening” type of moment that “i can’t believe i am actually bowing down before my Creator” just how honoured, privileged and amazing you feel.

        Now If you do this right, you will seriously find yourself shivering a bit with the sheer power of that moment, and you will probably even shed a tear or two as you begin to realize just how powerful Allah is, and that will make you want to stay in Sajdah not wanting to dare to get back up.

        That is exactly how you should pray, i know i have described somethings above a bit over the top but it’s how i conceive it and it has seriously changed my mindset as a person, it has made me more calm and relaxed. Quite amazing really, and shedding tears by just fearing Allah during Sajdah is one of the most unique feelings you can ever experience until of coarse it is time to meet Him face to face on the Day of Reckoning.

        Overall, meditation is an exercise that improves your focus. Kind of like how a lens is to a camera, a powerful lens can focus on a single object out of a million around it while a weak one can’t even focus on anything. So meditation allows you to blur out things like extra thoughts which get in your way when you are doing things and cause stress, the better your ability to blur things the more calmer and relaxed you will be.

        Upon that meditation is well known to cure quite a lot of diseases, as it lets your mind relax from overthinking and then allows it to build up its self defense in the body to fight invaders(viruses and cancer too) basically your body fixes itself up if you allow it but you don’t because you are always busy thinking all the time like pretty much a normal human in our era. There are countless stories about meditation curing cancer and other diseases.

        May Allah bless you on your journey towards attaining a place Jannah, along with everyone reading this. And May Allah Bless you to become a better muslim.


    • Murad Khan says:

      Ameen Ameen Ameen………
      Dear Khairunnisa.. wa Alaikom Musalam
      I am also feeling so fear, But i dont know what kind of sins i have done?
      but i know that I fall in love with someone, now i am feeling fear, i can fall asleep all the night, INSHAALLAH… I will be get recover soon, I pray to Allah, He is the only GOD, the most merciful.

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  4. Mo says:

    Assalamu Alaykum

    I understand and experience the effects of Thikr, however I have lately become negligent. My greatest challenge I am faced with is how to remain consistent with Thikr. Especially with an ever distracting and hostile world. Your advise would be highly appreciated.

    • María M says:

      Walaykum as salam, Mo,

      I hope you don´t mind I give you my personal opinion.

      Maybe if you try to perceive the world without polarizing it on good or bad, and your vision of it becomes neutral, this will be a blessing to mantain your Heart focused on what is really important, insha´Allah.

      And if you have to give it a polarity, you have the choice to focus on what it is positive, maybe you would like to give it a try, insha´Allah.

      Part of our duties is being able to appreciate being alive in this world as it is and more than this try to be able to grateful for it. I understand that some circumstances make it really difficult, but I do believe it deserves the try, insha´Allah.

      Being grateful for what we have, when we wake up in the morning, for the air, for the water, for the food, people around……..try a week and see if you notice any changes. To be grateful to Allah(swt) permanently for all our blessings is a way of being in constant contact with Him(swt), Alhamdulillah.



  5. Nana Khadijat says:

    Wen i meditate, i realise dat am awake bt my eyes r close. I njoy meditatn nd wen eva i do it, i fil some pat of me went away nd i fill my body relaxd totally wen i dcide 2 get up. As 4 zikr, i chant Allahs name dur’n meditatn nd wen my hrt is trobld nd do zikr, i fill joy nd happiness ova whelm me.

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  7. nisreen says:

    i am soo stressed i feel so lost i hate my husband and i have it in my head that he hates me as well… I dont understand my religion any more, i use to pray and read quran and i dont anymore i KNOW it sounds like the shaytan has gotten to me but i feel like its deeper than that i dont even know if i believen that any more… All i care about are my two kids i am always thinking of ways to leave my husband but i have no support from my family… I hate relying on him for money shelter food or anything at all.. i dont want him near me if i knew i could survive somewhere without him or anyone but my two kids i would leave him with no hesitation , sometime i wonder if this is what allah has written for me a bad misreable life…. I just want to be happy with my kids I dont want my kids to c more than they already have I HURT FOR MY BABIES I HATE MY SELF FOR MY hurting wallah im sick of life!!! I dont want to be married to this man I DONT CARE IF HE IS PERFECT TO EVERYONE ALSE HE’S NOT PERFECT FOR ME..i was once in love with him but he is sooo clueless on how to keep a marriage going hes selfish all for him never has the energy to say ne thing other than complain that he isnt feeling good but the second a friend of his calls him to hang out he’s got the energy to fly!!! i tryed talking to him explaining to him how i feel but then he seems to get it for that second and the next min. he’s back to doing the same routine…i have soo much to say,, im not a bad person wallah i am a loving women i gave him my heart at once regardless of everything.. he hits me i hit him back he yells at me i yell louder….he than wakes up the next morning never brings up the fight and precedes to be affectionate towards me as if nothing happend i move on at the moment to let things go but the next min. we r at it again over the same prob. there is no middle in this relationship..we never fix our fights we just ignore them till the next fight…HE IS SOOO HARD HEADED ……. i need help.. what should i do??

    • Amy says:

      If you don’t want to be with him, then divorce him. Why go through this, especially if the relationship is physically violent? Seems like the solution is pretty clear, to both yourself and most who would read this.

    • Nisreen says:

      Aslamalikum Nisreen,
      Reading your story I think you need to relax. think again and if you think that this is not right person for you. ofcourse islam allow you to seek khula. Dont think abuot how you wll survive. have faith in God. he is the provider not you husband.I am sure your children must be suffering because of these issues. Talk to someone in your family about it or a friend. inshallha you will find help.

    • shahidah says:

      salaam sister,
      pld dont for even 1 second, put up with sumthing that u r not happy with. u can go to a women’s shelter for women with children. u r in a violent relationship with two vulnerable children. the kind of situation u described can have a v negative psychological impact on children. pls dont feel like u r influenced by shoytan. only Allah knows how difficult u r finding things. it sounds like ur husband is wielding excessive control over u by making u rely on him for food, shelter, etc. try talking to anyone who will listen. maybe ur gp can refer u to victim support?

  8. Sophia says:

    Hi, i have found this website like two days ago and i’m now reading it everyday cos each and every one of ur article is so interesting and i’m really impressed. I’m from Myanmar …i just want to know by any chance that if i can translate it into my language and share it with others. Thanks a lot for this meditation practice i really love it and apart from Salat i hope this will help me thru my difficult times with the daily practice. May Allah bless u for sharing it with other people.

  9. Murad Khan says:

    Dear Wael Abdelgawad..
    Assalam O Alaikom……
    I am in Love, and I feel fear, cuz that girl did alot of sins, she kissed by someone other, but i dont love her body, I love her deep inside, I love her soul,
    I am afraid that Allah is giving me punishment..
    I cant do anything except to Remember Allah..
    Allah is my only hope,
    I hope Allah will forgive her sins, she is decieved by someone else, now i am 20 years old, I don’t like girls,
    but now i am out of control, I dont love her body,
    I cant fall asleep all the night,
    when i pray to Allah, she comes in my mind, every second she is in my mind, I hate to go to bed, because when i go to sleep she run out of my mind, and comes in my dream…
    All the dears Brothers and Sisters,
    Please pray for me,
    I feel unknown pain in my soul, in my heart, I don’t know what happend with me.. All night I cry, I don’t know why why why????

    • Echo says:

      Ja Haju ja Qayym, I ask you with all my heart to give peace, true belief and happiness to this person who is in pain of love and I ask you to give this person true love and union with true love in hallall. I do not know how but You and only You have the power to do everything. Amin.

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  11. topumasum says:

    ok the main problem i suffer is that when i try to think as instructed, few songs come into my head that matches the beautiful feeling? does this ruin the meditation? few thoughts of things i love come into my head and it includes cartoons as well…i know but isnt this quite common? do i need to deviate from those thoughts? it also happens during namaaz.

    • Wael says:

      topumasum, if you’re in your salat or namaz, just keeping push those thoughts of songs or cartoons out of your head and return to your focus on Allah. Even if they keep coming, keep pushing them out. If you continue doing this, with practice, those intrusive thoughts will come less and less Insha’Allah.

  12. Danyl says:


  13. Sue says:

    Dear admin, or someone who can answer me, lately my colleague joined a meditation. My friend was christian Indian girl, she influences the other non-muslim colleague to join the same meditation. I wonder how their meditation is different with islamic meditation? What so special about their meditation, i heard they pay for it.

    • Wael says:

      Sue, it really depends on what kind of meditation it is. If they are doing Hindu chants, or praying to some other god, or anything un-Islamic, then obviously it would not be allowed in Islam. But if they are only closing their eyes and breathing and trying to clear their minds, there’s nothing wrong with that.

      Wael Editor

  14. khoobsorat bibi says:

    hello asslamo alikum
    i like the article and this is my first day to be practice of it

  15. karima says:

    As salaamu ‘aleikum wa barakatuhu,

    Dear brother Wael ,
    Thank you very much for the beautifull post on this site!
    They help me a lot.

    sister Karima

  16. Ferdous says:

    I really needed this,alhamdulillaah i found this site jazakallah brother Wael.

  17. Major(R) muhammad Bilal Awan says:

    A virtual soother . Relaxed . But an addition of two more points is suggested . Firstly , a point of meditation encompassing ” Subber ” and Secondly a point regarding ” Shukkar ” . With addition of these two, the number of points to be meditated , shall rise to nine .

  18. Major(R) Muhammad Bilal Awan says:

    just for correction of M.

  19. Aideth says:

    Salam Aleykum brother,
    I don’t believe such as I create my destiny, all depends on me and so, on.. I love the affirmations you elaborate, alhamdoilillah.. I was doing the meditation on the website I am copying.. I find is good except for the affirmation that they used. I hope inshaAllah that you could do a version for muslims.. the video’s name is how to remove negative blocks.

    Jazak Allah Kheir, May Allah reward you abundantly for your work to the ummah.

  20. hassan says:

    Nicely written….
    Can we compare this meditation with muraqba??
    My second question is Chinese use medidation in fighting(kung fu)… Is there any medition in islam to compete with those kungfu masters??

    • Wael says:

      Hassan, I would not call it muraqaba, as we do not use it to seek any sort of arcane knowledge or to reach these so-called states of shuhood where a person can supposedly see and touch anything in the universe. I do not believe in that.

      In Islam we have salat, dua’, fasting and dhikr, all of which increase spiritual strength.

      • hassan says:

        Thanks wael for answering…. I still have some confusion…
        What is difference in this meditation and muraqba…??

      • Wael says:

        When I personally speak of meditation, I am simply speaking of sitting still and breathing deeply, with the intention of calming the mind and the spirit.

  21. munazza says:

    very lovely nd impressive expressions.. feeling so light after reading the entire writing.

  22. Triyono says:

    Alhamdulillah. Thanks you very much, brother Wael.
    It’s so wonderful.
    Even just reading your meditation guidance, without the breathing, I feel peace in all my body.
    Please allow me to share it to other brothers and sisters.

  23. Isaack says:


    I will like to know if meditation have any spiritual benefits… I heard people talking about 3rd eye, please tell me what is 3rd eye and what does it helps for

  24. Showkat says:

    Nice thanks … diving into peace

  25. Ashfia says:


    How do I get the audio version of this one please?


  26. Manju Pandey says:

    Being a Yoga Teacher working in gulf & India I would appreciate all your effort for all our Muslim friends, I have studies “Quran ” and believe that if any person having “Iman” performs his “Salat” five times a day his physical body will be taken careoff and the prayer and the recitation of the name of “Allah the almighty ” will bring all name and happiness,further you have nicely provided a dose for further preparing oneself to do it more intensely and powerfully your relaxation techniques are scientific and in accordance to all medical and neurological and spiritual sciences. Have always found your blog very informative and it helps me to understand Islam in better context related to the welfare of humanity good work keep it up

    • KundaliniRZA says:

      I believe Every monotheistic religion today has had books sent from the One true God and I quoted proofs below from the Holy Quran (which is said to be the last book God sent) to prove my belief.
      This meditation session was made to break the illusions that one religion is better than the other.

  27. Effa Butt says:

    Beautiful article

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