Letter from a Reader #2

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Assalaam alaikum dear brother,

I came on this website through ‘googling’ my feelings.. I typed “never despair in Allah’s mercy” on google, hoping that something would pop up to help just push my faith up and make me feel better.

I’ve been recently divorced and find this whole ordeal very disturbing and painful I have a daughter from my ex too. And she has just gone to him now and every time this happens, its a very uncomfortable and upsetting time for me..
she just went a little while back so I needed something to remind me of the mercy of our Lord and his infinite wisdom behind everything.

Getting a link to your website I think was Allah’s way of helping me. Reading a few of your inspiring stories, as well as seeing how so much of what ive been through and still feel is SO similar to yours was so comforting because alhamdulillah if you can go through it, then inshallah so can I , or anybody, with Allah’s help. 🙂

This page is definitely on my ‘Favorites’ now!

You truly are a writer, gifted by Allah so continue using this gift which he has bestowed on you to help others and use it Fisabilillah.

My thoughts, love and prayers are with you as my brother in Islam.

May the Almighty always be with you and and strengthen you more. May he envelope you with his mercy,
Ameen, Ya Rabbil Alameen.

Was salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

-Um Imaan.

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Article by Wael

Wael Abdelgawad is an Egyptian-American living in Fresno, California. He is the founder of several Islamic websites, including Zawaj.com and IslamicAnswers.com, and also of various technology and travel websites. He is a writer and poet, and has been a web developer since 1997. This project, IslamicSunrays.com, is very dear to his heart, as it has allowed him to express ideas that have growing inside him for many years. Wael is divorced and has one lovely young daughter. He practices and teaches martial arts (somewhat obsessively), and loves Islamic books, science fiction, and vanilla fudge ice cream. Wael is an advocate for human rights and blogs about these issues at AbolishTorture.com. He is also a volunteer with the MyDeen Muslim youth organization in Fresno. Wael tagged this post with: , , , Read 266 articles by
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  1. Umm Sarah says:

    Um Iman, I’m in exact same situation as you are, recent divorce and split custody. Allah’s knows the pain of this situation truely. How are you coping with it?

    • Umm Imaan says:

      Salaam sister,

      I cant believe I’m seeing your post now, nearly a year late. Sorry sister, I wish I had seen it earlier but khair, qadr Allah.

      My situation/circumstances are still the same but emotionally alhamdulillah I am feeling alot better. How did and do I cope? Only way is through my faith in Allah. Things are difficult, life is difficult, but alhamdulillah it is through these trials that we are tested and I think to myself if I dont actually ‘realise’ this now and make the most out of my test, then there is no point in me going around saying “life is a test” blah blah as I always have, preaching to others yet when it comes to me, I start panicking, lol 🙂

      It has took me a while to see beyond the pain and difficulties and alhamdulillah, after a while, I can finally see the opportunities present alongside the difficulty. I dont have multiple children and their responsibility. I dont have a husbands responsibility. I can give my child full attention with alot more focus – something that alot of happily married couples with multiple kids find extremely difficult to do! I see opportunity in my difficulty as a single parent – u look for it too sis.
      I see the opportunity to give my child full attention and instil so much into her instead of feeling sorry for her or myself. I’m trying my best to bring her up with the best morals inshallah, focusing on instilling the Deen in her life AND my life. I have time to focus on myself, my soul and my heart.

      Find opportunity in your difficulty and make the most of it. Remember, nothing remains and everything changes/comes to an end; and so will our situation inshallah. 🙂

      • UmmSarah says:

        Umm Imaan, You made my day. You are right sis, good, bad and ugly, everything has an end.

        It has been two years for me now and I’m pretty much where you are at.

        Allah is keeping in His company .. I don’t feel that my ‘situation’ is tragic, challenging maybe.

        Alhamdulliah Ala Kulle Haal

        • Umm Imaan says:

          Oh alhamdulillah! I thought you would read my reply a year later too, lol.

          Same here; two years, and oh yes its a challenge. Subhanallah sometimse I wonder what I would do if it wasn’t my faith in Allah?

          Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal- indeed!

          I pray your challenging time takes a break and you are rewarded with relief soon. May your child grow up to become a righteous individual, steadfast upon the Deen. Ameen

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