Invite Allah’s Power and Wisdom Into Your Life

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By Wael Abdelgawad |

Allah’s power and wisdom are limitless and beyond our comprehension. But guess what? There is a key that brings Allah’s infinite wisdom into play in your life. That key is prayer. Salat and dua’ are like a special hotline that transcends the veils of space and time and goes directly to Allah. Prayer is the means and the voice that Allah has given us to speak to Him, ask His forgiveness, and request His assistance and wisdom in any situation that we are dealing with. And it works.

“And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me and believe in Me that they may be guided.” Quran, Al-Baqarah 2:186

Miracles happen every day. Do you not believe that miracles can happen in your life as well? Do you think that you are too insignificant for that? SubhanAllah. Allah sees and knows every fallen leaf, every grain in the darkness of the earth; and He knows your innermost thoughts. He is closer to you than your jugular vein. (Quran 50:16)

Do you think that Allah’s nearness to you is because He mistrusts you? No! Allah has nothing to fear from you, and therefore nothing to mistrust. Allah is near to you because He loves you. He is near to you because He cares about you and understands your pain. He is near to you so that He can help you. You matter, as much as the ocean, the trees and the stars. You are important to Allah, not as a general concept, but you, as an individual person with your own private needs and fears. You only have to turn to Him, and call upon Him; and His wisdom, power and guidance will manifest in your life.

I personally went through a very difficult period when I was younger. At the time I felt that I had failed in life. I was beginning to feel some despair. But I kept my faith in Allah, and I prayed to Him in the day and the dark of the night. I trusted Allah, and I knew that He would not abandon me. And then the last person I would expect, an acquaintance who I hardly knew and who had no reason to care about me or my situation, suddenly took an interest and began helping me. Within a short period of time I had a job, and was able to get my own apartment, and my life had changed completely. It was literally a miracle. Even now it blows my mind. Allah stepped into that situation, and He made the impossible possible, because I believed in Him and I prayed.

Miracles happen every day. Allah hears you. You matter.

“O You the Ever Living Who sustains all that exists! O You Who created the heavens and the earth without precedence. O You, Who owns the glory and the honor, none has the right to be worshiped except You. We seek refuge with Your mercy. Grant us success in all of our matters. Please, do not abandon us to rely on ourselves even for an instant nor on any of Your creation.” – (dua’ mentioned in Tafsir ibn Kathir, in the tafsir of Surat Ar-Rahman, ayahs 26 to 30.)

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Article by Wael

Wael Abdelgawad is an Egyptian-American living in Fresno, California. He is the founder of several Islamic websites, including and, and also of various technology and travel websites. He is a writer and poet, and has been a web developer since 1997. This project,, is very dear to his heart, as it has allowed him to express ideas that have growing inside him for many years. Wael is divorced and has one lovely young daughter. He practices and teaches martial arts (somewhat obsessively), and loves Islamic books, science fiction, and vanilla fudge ice cream. Wael is an advocate for human rights and blogs about these issues at He is also a volunteer with the MyDeen Muslim youth organization in Fresno. Wael tagged this post with: , , , , , , Read 267 articles by
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  1. María M says:

    As salamu alaykum,


    Masha´Allah, Masha´Allah. Thank you very much for opening your heart and share this beautiful post. Alhamdulillah.


  2. SisterZ says:

    Wael, Asalaamualaykum,

    That must have been really relieving for you to share with everyone. Glad you did it, maashaAllah.

    Miracles are possible, we just need to ask Allah.


    • wael says:

      Not relieving at all, rather uncomfortable actually, but sometimes the lesson I’m trying to teach is made more powerful with a personal experience.

      • María M says:

        Wael, didn´t you have the experience in your skin before writing about it? aren´t you the same person? I understand the feeling uncomfortable but you know what come to my mind, when that woman that commit a sin that was going to be stonning to dead and Jesus said, the one that is free from sin throw the first stone, and everyone was leaving the place trowing their stone on the floor, when he was alone with the woman, she looked at him, and he said, nobody has condemn you, neither I do, go and don´t sin anymore.

        You have given a message of hope, not just for the miracle, it is much deeper than that for the fact of sharing a experience that others maybe going through, this is a Light of Hope, you did it, Wael, you chose Allah(swt), you chose the Light, they can do it too, insha´Allah, they have the choice too, Alhamdulillah.

        You know, when we open ourselves to the Light, little by little all the spots we don´t feel comfortable with, come out, but the good thing about it is that our vulnerable Heart finds rest in the hands of those that love us unconditionally, when we have struggled through darkness to find the Light and we share it, we maybe like torchs, insha´Allah, to those that are still on darkness and don´t believe they can do it.

        Wael, your message here is, I did it, Alhamdulillah, you can do it, insha´Allah. None of us is perfect, none of us is free from sin, or falling into it, …. I feel no different towards you, I accept you, respect you and love you unconditionally, and I do believe much more people than you think, will think the same I do, insha´Allah.

        Thank you very much for sharing.


        • María M says:

          Related to the miracles, I do believe in miracles and I do believe the channel to them is prayer, Allah(swt) listens to us, and see the depths of our Hearts, all the test we go through, at the end, has the intention to makes us conscious of being closer to Him, to make us understand He is Omnipresent, to let us know He is Al-Malik and all the Beautiful Attributes He has, in a few words, help us to wake up to Him(swt), insha´Allah.

          He (swt) has infinite ways, Alhamdulillah.


        • wael says:

          Thank you for your comments, Maria, you are very kind.

      • SisterZ says:

        I am sure you felt uncomfortable Wael, thats because you have humility in you. But theres no need to feel uncomfortable. Our experiences make us what we are, sometimes we can even say that they were blessings in disguise. Your account reminds me of Yunus(as), when he was stuck in the dark depths inside the belly of the whale, he cried out to Allah: “La ila ha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimeen”(21:87) and Allah gave him relief.

        You were so brave to share such a personal and difficult experience with everyone and I am sure without doubt that it will definitely help many people believe that miracles do happen. With that in mind, inshaAllah we will pray with more intensity and focus and we will ask Allah for everything with absolute faith.

        Keep striving and keep writing Wael…your words are relief to many, maashaAllah!


        • wael says:

          Jazaki Allah khayr. I was moved by your comment.

          • SisterZ says:

            I magically moved you from the other side of the planet, I must have pressed ctrl, alt & ‘Shift'(!). Lolll, just being silly, giggle giggle.

            That you were moved – I’m glad.
            Keep smiling Chief Bear :O)


  3. Talha says:

    Dear Brother,

    I have been reading your posts for some time now and they are a great inspiration!
    You have a gift. May Allah reward for you for your great work.

    I am 26 years old and am waiting for admission response from McMaster Universtiy. My only goal in life is to make my parents proud and give them happiness.

    Make Dua for me.

    Smiling greatly,


    • wael says:

      Thanks so much brother Talha. While making your parents proud is a laudable goal, I would suggest that it should not be your only goal in life. What about getting closer to Allah; doing work that you love; and being happy? I would hope that your parents’ pride in you would be based on these things, that it would make them happy to see you happy.

      Wael Editor

      • Talha says:

        Thank you brother Wael,

        Thank You for your advice, I will keep it at heart.

        My parents do wish the same for me. They have supported me at all time and continue to do so. They just want to see me happy in my life.

        I hope to continue reading your wonderful posts.


  4. smiling radia says:

    This was the thing i was searching on the internet for a month…and finally i found it here 😀 thanks to Allah Almighty i was born a muslim but i didn’t succeed my whole life to make 5 time salah a habit sometimes 4 or 5 but mostly 3. i m 27 now but i hope now your post would help me when ever i was feeling down. Your story is MashAllah very impressive and your every post i read (just 5) holds a positive energy that fills my heart as i read are really blessed by Allah in writing such beautiful posts. May Allah Almighty give you a peaceful and beautiful life. Ameen!
    Thankyou very very……….. very much!
    smiling radia 😀

  5. Rebecca says:

    Wael, may Allah (swt) grant what is best for you in this life and the hereafter. I second what SisterZ said above about our experiences making us what we are. Alhamdulillah for all things. You have such a genuine heart and a level of true compassion. JazakAllah khair for sharing it with all of us.

  6. Faith says:

    Brother, personal experiences related, though I know are sometimes very uncomfortable to narrate, are very beneficial for readers.

    When reading something inspirational, like your words here, personal experiences make it more meaningful and somwhat ‘confirmatory’ to the reader…atleast with me, I find it only positively affects me to see someone elses experiences related to their good words.

    We still respect you and to be honest, I respect and admire you more for having come such a long way and improving yourself in the deen. Masha’Allah.


  7. wael says:

    May Allah reward you all for your wonderful and supportive comments.

  8. Zaheed says:

    As’salaamua’alaykum wa rahmatulaahee wa barakaatuh akhi,

    I’ve nothing to say except Jazak Allaah khairan. =’)

  9. dp says:

    I have just come across this looking for inspirational stories to lift me and it has done just that. I dont know if anyone makes comments here anymore as i can see the last was made a while ago but just wanted to say its helped me in my difficult time right now. All doors are closed for me , everything has been confirmed but yet still i find myself praying and hoping Allah will give me a miracle. I know he can make anything impossible, possible but when all doors are literally closed and i find myself begging Allah for his guidance and to enable me to accept this situation i keep thinking that maybe Allah can give a miracle within a week or is shaitaan giving me false hope..
    Thank you for your inspiration
    Jazakallah khairan

    • Wael says:

      dp, I received your email and I have responded to you privately.

    • habibah says:

      Aslam”laykum. What happened about your situation? I too find myself in a situation where I hope allah can change my taqdeer ASAP. I am praying for a miracle….make dua for me. Did you get what u asked for?

  10. Aliyysh says:

    Asalam-u-laykum. This story truly touched me and gave me hope and faith in life. My grandad, who is very nearest and dearest to me has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He is at stage 4 of his illness and doctors have basically given us the answer we all do not like to hear. I do believe in miracles and I do believe that Allah is listening to us. We must stay strong and keep the faith in times like this, but i just wanted everyone to please make dua, the power of dua is unimaginable and miracles can happen. Just a short message really to ask you for your kind prayers and to keep my grandad in your duas.
    Asalam u laykum

  11. Zaytoen says:

    Can somebody give me advice kanala? I’m in a very bad place at the moment. I have a terrible relationship with my father as he is sexist and believes women are less than and must be housewives and serve their husbands. He’s always making comments. I feel it is oppression and he makes me feel useless and worthless. I feel no compassion toward him, just utter hate. And he treats me and my mother without respect and she does everything for him and he’s rude and vulgar. I wish he could leave. Its affecting me as a person. And its affecting my relationships with others. And I know it is wrong of me to think about suicide but I do. And I sometimes want to just run away. My mother deserves better. Also, I do believe in my faith but I am very negligent. I don’t salaah as I should. How do I build up my imaan?

    • Daniela says:

      Salam ya Zaytoen. Don’t event think about ending your life. Allah (swt) is with us. He opens doors. We need to pray, and let him guide our actions. I pray for you and your mom. Keep your faith

  12. Sharmin says:

    This is best website i had ever visited.It inspire me so much that i once again starting to love Allah n blve in Him.I almost lost my faith in Allah.Coz i m tired of meeting so many hard tym.But now i believe Allah is near to me.Inshallah my bad times will get over soon.Thanks to Allah for making me love Him again n thanks to this web owner.Allah Hafez.

  13. SHAKERA says:


  14. THERESE says:


  15. shank says:

    Although am a Hindu but I believe in Allah a lot absolutely there is no doubt DUA are most powerful in this world to attain the blessings of Allah directly since he hears ur prayer directly during dua. I fact ur prayers will be surely answered but patience is the key and you have to trust him and keep the confidence going irrespective of time. In my own life Allah has been really kind and I do believe always he will be kind insha Allah. Please everyone do due only for irself but even for others since Allah will bless u more if u care And concerned about others.

  16. shank says:

    Wael pleas make DUA for me since am now facing a real crucial and hard phase of my Life I wish to have the peace and happiness soon in my life. Insha Allah hope you all prayers can help me out. Anyways Allah already started to listen my problem but am waiting And hoping that he will give me the solution in the right time. I really got Inspired and gained back confidence that I will get my problem solved soon after reading this. Thanks wael for spending ur valuable time in posting such a wonderful webpost Allah will bless u more I’ll also do dual for u and this web that It should reach millions of people.

  17. MUSLIMA says:

    Assalam Aleikoum.
    Thank you brother Wael for this article:I’m waiting for a miracle to come in my husband’s career and I believe that Allah is going to give us a positive answer. Thank you.

  18. imraz says:

    Dear Brothers

    There is no words more to say when I went through your website specially the page Invite Allah power and wisdom and went I went through chapter 4 of this page I just broke out crying. Alhamdulliah you have open the doors to many closed hearts who to day has faith in Islam and I for sure will turn in to a new leaf, though my sights are still dark and bleak am hoping one day Ya Allah will answer me Mashallah

  19. Daniela says:

    Shukran jazeelan for sharing your words, ya Wael. I was looking for some support and inspiration. Your reminder about the power of salat and dua found me. Thank you for helping us readers to believe in Allah’s love for us. May you receive baraka for your work.

  20. Atahar says:

    Allah is great. The relationship between Allah and us are Miracles. Allah’s responses is near but we have to connect with Allah through following the path of Allah’s will……..

  21. Emina says:

    I am going through a very rough time right now, today was the first day in 17 days that i had not completely broken down and spent the day in a haze of pain and tears and as im driving around the city today contenplating of falling into haram to make myself feel better my phone goes off and I look
    IslamicSunRays in my gmail notification mind you i haven’t received any notifications from this page in a while or they have been going to my spam folder or something who knows
    As I am about to sit on my laptop and act upon a haram thought I had again that thought surely this will make this pain subside in my center
    For some reason I get up and walk over to the TV and put YouTube On Hm I guess I wanted to hear some music when I see The Merciful Servant page and I start playing those videos instead, the haram thought I wanted to act on simply vanished and I felt sadness I was even considering
    Miracles are all around us
    Now I am on this page just soaking in the love and peace into my heart
    Cant wait for my post pregnancy bleeding to stop so I can start salah again still regardless of not being able to put my head to the floor in complete submission my heart aches over and over again repeating Al-Wadud Al-Wadud Al-Wadud Al-Wadud please help me I submit to everything happening in my life and I am desperately seeking peace
    May Allah grant us ease and guide us all to goodness

  22. marium says:

    Dear bro Wael,
    The first time i read your post was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. I read it two years ago, and i still read it. Back then i was going through a really tough time. Then i saw that post of yours. It was about “Allah has spoken about loneliness in Quran”. After reading that post i cried and cried.. i became certain that regardless of my uncountable sins, Allah loves me. I shared that post with many of my friends. They all loved it..
    Tonight, i was again feeling despodent. I badly want something that’s nearly impossible for me to get. I know that Allah can grant me anything but a small voice in my head keeps telling me that miracles don’t happen with people like me. I’m19 and still i dont offer namaz.
    So i really became sad that what i want will never be granted to me because I’m bad. But then i came across this post of yours and it again moved me. I now have the hope that Allah SWT will grant me if i start offering namaz.
    It’s 1:17am in the morning in Pakistan right now and im feeling so sleepy, but still I’ve decided that I’ll sleep after offering isha prayer inshaAllah. Your post has helped me again. Thanks so much! 🙂

  23. Lopa kamal says:

    AS, i just came across to this website while searching for what happens after death to souls in barzakh. I am going through hardest time of my life. my 20 year old daughter just crossed over to the next world. it is so sudden and such a shock that my whole life has turned upside down and whole family is at the verge of destruction. She was a very sweet and bright person who was going to graduate in 3 months. she died in last week of ramadan. Does anybody know why Allah does this to parents? what did she do wrong ? if as a parent i did something wrong why god punished her so she had to give up her life at this young age ? there are so many people doing so may sins and nothing happens to them? why God or spirit guide didnt interced to prevent her death? How does a parent survive with this terrible pain for the rest of the life? everyone says” have patience, time will heal you , there is a reason God did that. But truth is no one understands or will ever understand until you loose your beloved child how painful every moment is ! I feel i am the worst , most unfortunate and most sinful mother and human being in this world. i just want to die. Allah surely hates me . will i ever see her again in next life?

  24. Rose says:

    lopa kamal…is ur daughter name Eshaal?

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