Signs in the Creation

Lonely country road

By Taban Qayoom

Movement is a blessing….

There are so many signs in our daily life that we consider trivial not worth our attention, but these signs teach us the wisdom about life….These signs are inbuilt in the creation of Allah subhana wa taala…just to teach us something that will help us deal with setbacks in life.

Everyday brings a new sunshine in our life. Whatever you are facing in your life, just remember this thing sun is still shining, and you can still feel the breeze, sky is still blue, mountains are still silhouetted against sky, in the evening moon still hangs low over the horizon ..You can still hear twittering of birds, everything is involved in an activity…Doesn’t that give you a hint, that you also need to move on.

Nothing is still in this universe…Even time is not static…So what makes you think, that the problems of your life has made you static….No you can’t sit still, when everything is fulfilling its purpose… Otherwise sun would not have risen after setting..night would not have changed into day…Everything is moving on in nature at its own pace so should you. ..At your own pace….even if that pace is barely recognizable…even if you have moved a millimeter of a distance, but don’t remain still. Move on ….just move on….

First of rain is always a drop….

And then it pours….

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