Poem: In My Heart

Flying bird

In My Heart

When the coals of faith are cooling off inside you;
and you feel like all you do is act a part;
When you’re desperate for one ember that’s still burning –
you will find it, hot and glowing, in my heart.

When you’ve lost that smiling image of yourself,
and you don’t know where to stand or where to start;
When you’re looking for your compass and your candle,
you will find them, safe and protected, in my heart.

When some people label you a failure,
and the accusation pierces like a dart;
There’s one to whom you’ve always been an angel;
I still love you, I still see you, in my heart.

Everything that’s good and sweet about you –
and there’s so much, you’re a living work of art –
is alive in me, I’ve kept it like a songbird,
soaring still and calling in my heart.

Wael Abdelgawad

Poem: Nothing, Only Love

Green leaves and sunlight

Nothing, Only Love

He comes to you with barbs in his skin
and blood on his cheek.
He comes with eyes of loam and gold.
He comes to you again and again,
as a youth and a man.
He has never forgotten you.

He comes with burns on his back
but standing straight,
hiding his scars and his shame,
wearing a half-thawed grin.
He has never stopped thanking you.

He comes with no answers,
with nothing, only love,
a heart like a sun,
and a soul like an African rain.
Will you open your arms to him

and hold him so tightly
that when you let go
he falls down laughing
happy to be alive,
happy to be a father and a man,

happy for you
and for the first time, years ago
that he heard your voice
like the whisper
of a summer wind?

– Wael Abdelgawad, 10-21-2011

Poem: Everything to Gain

Sunlight illuminating the clouds


Everything to Gain

I open to you like a door
on a spring morning.
Your voice is a sun song.
Your words are water and earth.
I hold your heart like a newborn.
I hang on
because I have everything to gain.

Wael Abdelgawad

Poem: Where My Heart Beats

Snow fall on a maple tree


Where My Heart Beats

You are the rich soil
from which life grows.
You are the morning snow
on a maple tree.
Your soul glitters before me
like the sun on the sea.
Your name is a kiss,
your voice an embrace.
There is no place for me
in this bewildering life
but in your arms.
There is no corona
more captivating than your eyes.
Where your feet walk,
I find my smile.
Where your head rests,
that is my bed.
Where your hands touch and flutter,
that is where my heart beats,
and if I lived a thousand years
still I would love you
like the evening tide,
immense and ripe with life.

Wael Abdelgawad
Fresno, California
February 15th, 2011

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