Poem: Why Do You Save Me?

Sun rays shining from behind the clouds

Why Do You Save Me?

Allah, why do You save me?
Why do You guide me gently,
and push me to the light?
Am I more in Your sight

than a walking shade?
Am I bright? Do You see
my coruscating heart?
Am I living my true life?

If not, then in which shining valley
does it lie?
In whose wide eyes,
in what hungry land?

Why did You draw me by the hand
from my prison bed?
What of the souls I have loved
who are lost, who have fled

to distant cities
or turned their heads
after speaking
of inexpressible sadness?

Those who have known me best
have betrayed me,
or I have betrayed them.
Is that the grief of Bani Adam?

Why do You pull me
from the pit,
casting light on me,
accepting my regret,

giving me dreams like comets,
or signposts
to a hidden shrine?
Dreams like hands in mine.

Why, Allah? Am I more
than I seem to myself?
Where did my soul reside
in the world before birth?

If souls are troops
collected together
then where is my unit,
where was my creche?

Who am I to them now?
Who am I to the Prophets,
to the angels sweeping the sky,
to my daughter

and those who will proceed?
Who am I to You, Al-Azeez,
who hold night and day;
and when will I find my way?

Wael Abdelgawad

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Article by Wael

Wael Abdelgawad is an Egyptian-American living in Fresno, California. He is the founder of several Islamic websites, including Zawaj.com and IslamicAnswers.com, and also of various technology and travel websites. He is a writer and poet, and has been a web developer since 1997. This project, IslamicSunrays.com, is very dear to his heart, as it has allowed him to express ideas that have growing inside him for many years. Wael is divorced and has one lovely young daughter. He practices and teaches martial arts (somewhat obsessively), and loves Islamic books, science fiction, and vanilla fudge ice cream. Wael is an advocate for human rights and blogs about these issues at AbolishTorture.com. He is also a volunteer with the MyDeen Muslim youth organization in Fresno. Wael tagged this post with: , , Read 266 articles by
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  1. GenDaRme says:

    Great , AmaZing , ExtraOrdinary Poem >>>
    itz just on time >>
    i felt so loww >> than i needed this poem 2 cheer me up Again >>
    wy did u write it >>
    wut pushed u 2 get these great words on this sheet of paper ?

    • wael says:

      Well, sister, these are thoughts that I’ve had all my life, to one degree or another. I don’t know why I chose to write them at this time. I’m doing a lot of writing these days and I guess it brings out a lot of latent questions.

  2. Vitha says:

    nice poem 🙂

  3. MarĂ­a M says:

    Beautiful Poem, thank you for sharing.


  4. SisterZ says:

    “Who am I to You, Al-Azeez,
    who hold night and day;
    and when will I find my way?”

    My question too.

  5. SisterZ says:

    Aameen. May Allah lighten your soul and heart too and may He grant you with happiness in this life and the next, aameen.

  6. SisterZ says:

    For me, this is the most powerful of your poems Wael. I can see you asking Allah these questions with your hands raised. Some of these questions come also to my
    mind. Have I been chosen for something? Or is it just in my mind?
    Why are my thoughts so liberated, but my path full of thorns?

    I have many questions. You are gifted that you can write your thoughts so eloquently and poetically which in turn become your duas.

  7. MarĂ­a M says:

    As salamu alaykum,

    When we have the image of a rose in our mind, we think about its Beauty, about its Fragrance, about its Colour, about God´s Hand that has created it, and, of course, about the thorns, that hurts us when we touch them, what do you think that pain we suffer means to the rose? Does she suffer too?

    We focus in our pain, because it is what hurt us and we don´t think about the pain that maybe we are causing others in an unconscious way.

    When we cry we think about our tears, should we think about other people´s tears, maybe caused by us?

    Thorns teach us to stop, the pain makes us stop, it is a red signal, when we are following our way. When we are doing our own and unique Path to Him, you have a green signal, some thorns here and there, but you understand its true meaning, ….everyone of us has brought to this Life an unique way of excelence, maybe writing, or knitting or cooking or cleaning, or giving advice, or teaching, or guiding, or gardening or put out fires, or creating or building or reparing or sowing or selling or taking care of ourselves and others or ….whatever we do, all that we do in the Name of God, that it is what should be done, that is helping us to be who we came here to be, … focus in the Light and Love of God, smile and be sure you are doing all the steps you have to do to fulfill your task in this Life in His Name.

    Everyone is unique and gifted in its own way and is called to the excellence in whatever field is chosen to be, as long as we do it in the Name of God.


    • GenDarMe says:

      loved this speech >>> 4 me itz a real speech !>>>
      loved the way u described thorns in the flower that draws our attention towards it >> but in the end it hurts >>> cuz it was never in the Name of God >>>
      wut surprised me more >> ur way of linking every career, hobby , or wut so ever >>> to Allah >>
      cuz Allah is the creator , protector,…
      Then finally >>> am ExTrEmElY happy >> that we reached to more than 16 comments >>
      MashAllah >> & well done Wael >>
      Allah will always be by Your side >> if ur willing 2 do everything with Good intention

  8. MarĂ­a M says:

    On saturday, I was talking to a ten years old boy, he told me,” I want to learn about being quiet, about being silent, … I´m like my father, I talk too much” I said to him: “You have seeds of your father and of your mother, but you bring to this life your own seeds, and one of your own seeds talks to you about silence, that is why you are asking for it, you will learn soon about it, because you already have the need”. He said, explain that to me and my example was about being hungry and looking for food. When we feel hungry, we want to eat and we look for food to eat and the world around us becomes food to be eaten.
    When we have a need, our life goes around it until we fill the gap created for the need.
    Every single movement we make in our life is an important step to arrive where we want, tasting the goodness of simple things, simple life, bring joy to our life and mantain us closer to our real way.
    Then the questions about being chosen for sure we are, all of us and we feel it and we are moving towards the excellence and we have signs posted along the way to show us the Straight Path, for some of us, always clear, for other ones, no so clear, for others, maybe confusing, and for others, no presents even when the signs are there, but with Faith in Him, asking Him for guidence when we are blind or deaf, or both, He will show us our own and unique Straight Path to the excellence, to be the best we can be for Him, insha´Allah.
    Allah (swt)knows best.

    Thank you for listening.


    • GenDarMe says:

      mashAllah >>>
      Maria >> u ve got the talent & gift 2 describe the religion >> or traits of it in the most simplest fun way >>> even 4 a ten year old boy >> u ll reach him 2 the way he wants 2 be reached with >>>
      excellent & great description 🙂

  9. SisterZ says:

    Maria, very therapeutical and perhaps true to a great extent. Thorns teach us to stop, the pain is our red signal and we should focus on the pain we have caused others through ourselves. Sensible and thoughtful. Although this is all a catch 22.

    Imagine a painter, without a paintbrush.
    Imagine a poet, without a pen.
    Imagine a bird with tied back wings.

    I’ll console myself with your words though Maria.


    • MarĂ­a M says:

      Imagine a painter, without a paintbrush.
      Imagine a poet, without a pen.
      Imagine a bird with tied back wings.

      Beautiful words for a poem, I would love to see it finished.

      I love the word “Imagine”.

  10. SisterZ says:

    You are right Maria. Everyone of us is chosen for something special. We all make a difference in our own ways. May Allah make our paths clear for us to see, love and follow.


  11. MarĂ­a M says:

    My sweet and beloved Sister,
    I don´t know what is a catch 22,….too technical for me.

    I do believe when the painter is ready to use the paintbrush, he will get it.
    The same with the poet. And about a bird with the wings tied at its back, I will tell you that is God´s Will that this bird needs to learn how to walk before being able to fly.

    Everything needs a process of learning, and we all need that process to fulfill our task in this Life. And we have the tools we need at every moment, because if we receive a tool that we don´t know how to use, we can damage ourselves or damage others.

    Think about going to the school before you learn how to read and write you need to develop certain skills to be able to do it, your brain and your body need a certain maturity to be able to do it, then a process that involves all the aspects of our life has to be develop to be able to fulfill our task at our best, for sure it is not the same to have enough with apt or with an excellent, but not even that is our choice. It is the same with everything.

    We begin for being able to be thankful for breathing and waking up every morning, for all the good and not so good, to see everything that is inside and outside us as an opportunity, as a blessing to be closer to Him, to be a better human being, with the consciousness that we can change the world around us, try to go for a walk with a sad face, then with an annoyed face, then with a smile, see the changes around you, see the way you perceive that reality, and how the outside reacts to you,…. be conscious of what surrounds you, be conscious of the way you are affecting other people´s life, see how the way you behave affect the others, your sweetness, your gratitude, your honesty, your good manners, your sight, your smile, the sound of your voice, watch, and once you have experienced what you want in your life, ……you´ll see.

    You are a woman plenty of Colour, there is something in your life that you have done always, that brings a smile to your Heart when you think about it, maybe painting or designing gardens,…. I just moving stones to make some noise, you are the only one that knows your call, something that involve life and colours, when you think about it your Heart cheers up.

    Always nice to know about you.

    God bless you and enlighten your Path my sweet Sister.

    Thank you for listening to me.

    Allah(swt) knows best

  12. MarĂ­a M says:

    Sorry something left, this is very important, FOCUS in Life, Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Beauty, Colours, Shapes,….. whatever inspires you; pain is there to teach us something we are trying to scape from, just for that, give it the attention that is needed to learn but once this is done move forward, there are many steps waiting for us to grow up.

  13. GenDarMe says:

    well done sisters >>>
    u inspired each other >> & inspired the other listeners >>
    ur comments , point of views r worth a LOT >>>
    i noticed while reading every comment one from Maria , the other from Sister Z, & so on >>
    i realised we dont have 2 be alike >>
    2 live happy in serenity or to be in contact with each other ,…>>
    everyone got his/her own spice or maybe spell ,or ingredient >> to add >>
    2 be him/her self >>
    i said subhannallah >>>

    • MarĂ­a M says:

      As salamu alaykum,

      We call it “salt and pepper” , thank you for your nice words I deeply appreciate them.


      • SisterZ says:

        JazakhAllahkhair Maria,

        Thank you for your wise and comforting words. You should turn your words into articles.

        May Allah bless you!


        • MarĂ­a M says:

          As salamu alaikum my beloved Sister,

          I appreciate your gratitude and your words, thank you for sharing your shininess and open yourself to me and to others.


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